Gathering the necessary information about your fertility issue

Consulting with an infertility specialist is an important milestone on your journey towards parenthood. Conrady A.R.T. Clinic understands that the procedures can seem intimidating, so we strive to make sure you are comfortable and confident at every step of your treatment.

It all starts with a consultation where our medical experts will explore your fertility issue, review your medical history, assess your general health, and arrange initial tests for you and your partner. We’ll explain every process in detail, so you have a clear understanding of how our treatments work, why we perform certain procedures, and what outcomes to expect.

Benefits of our consultation:

  • Your issues and expectations are thoroughly reviewed and analyzed for further investigation and treatment
  • You’ll have a better understanding of our processes and success rates
  • You can prepare the treatment schedule in advance
  • You’ll learn the biological and technical limitations that may impact your fertility