Patient Consultation for Women

Preparing patients mentally and physically for an IVF procedure

The IVF process is completed in multiple stages, from pre-treatment cycles and ovarian stimulation to retrieval and insemination of the eggs, the transfer of the embryos, and the waiting period. Treatment medications and timeline vary greatly, so a fertility treatment consultation with Conrady A.R.T. Clinic’s IVF specialist is vital.

By understanding what to expect in an IVF treatment, you’re able to nourish your body, support your hormonal and reproductive system, manage your nutrient intake for the crucial early stages of fetal development, and handle any stress that may occur during this journey.

Our consultation for women covers the following topics:

  • Ultrasound scan to determine the treatment protocol
  • Hormone injection for eggs in the ovary
  • Preparing for egg collection
  • Explaining how the fertilization process works
  • Preparing for embryo transfer