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Providing the best possible fertility care

Conrady A.R.T. Clinic offers a wide range of treatments for couples seeking to conceive. We’re committed to seeking innovations and improving the professional knowledge and skill of our medical practitioners and care providers at all levels. Watch this video for an overview of our fertility treatment processes.

Conrady A.R.T. Clinic Planning

Gathering the necessary information about your fertility issue

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Patient Consultation for Women

Preparing patients mentally and physically for an IVF procedure

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Patient Consultation for Men

Informing male partners regarding the IVF process and what to expect during treatment

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Egg Retrieval

Performing the egg retrieval procedure in a safe, comfortable environment

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Enhancing the fertilization potential of the eggs and sperm

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Embryo Chromosomal Screening

Performing tests to identify genetic defects within embryos

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Embryo Transfer

Identifying the embryos with highest implantation potential for transfer

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Egg Freezing

Keeping the gametes and embryos for future use with the best cryopreservation technique

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